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'The Inaugural Art Show'

November 9 through December 9, 2017

Gallery Madison Park

Exhibition: November 9 - December 3, 2017

Opening Reception: November 9th, 2017 at 6-8pm

“The Inaugural Art Show” marks the beginning of Gallery Madison Park as an exhibition space for Arts and Design. For our first introduction, Gallery Madison Park is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works by 13 New York City artists. “The Inaugural Art Show” will run from November 9 – December 9, 2017 with an opening reception Thursday, November 9th from 6-8 p.m.


Thirteen artists will be featured in the show: Binna Lee, Carlos E.M. Ramos, Charles Sommer, Daphne Arthur, Hazy Mae, Hirah Park, Jacqueline Nikol, Kijong Do, Kimberly Kim, Michael Dispensa, Miga Gao, and MJ Kim. For each artist, this is the first time these particular works will be shown in a gallery setting. 


Gallery Madison is free and open to the public

Tuesday through Saturday 11am-7pm.


Featured in Artsy:


Miga Gao
Daphne Arthur
Hayley Palmatier
Binna Lee
Hirah Park
Charles Sommer
MJ Kim
Jacqueline Nikol
Kimberly Kim
Michael Dispensa
Carlos Enrique Martinez Ramos
Kijong Do

Binna Lee is a multidisciplinary designer working at the intersection of art, design and technology with the language of computation and electronic science. She uses these tools to discover relationships between technology, education and human rights, in order to to help people flourish as individuals within their communities.


Carlos E.M. Ramos’s process is the interplay between chance and choice by organizing forms out of chaos through many compounded layers of editing. This is similar to evolution and entropy, where strong form reinforces previous generations and informs the next. He believes that concept, percept, context and practicality can merge to create an immediate enlightening experience; a proto-hologram with seamless, self referential correspondence to the meaning of life.


Charles Sommer is an artist who invents his own cosmology derived from his perceptions of scientific theories about quantum physics and the natural world, unexplained phenomena such as teleportation, the existence of multiple dimensions and science fiction. His uses drawing as a point of departure and primary tool for developing a vocabulary specific to his constructed world.


Daphne Arthur uses smoke, paint, clay, and collage to explore the qualities that exist in the nature of change and impermanence.Trails of incandescent candles, slithering drips of colors, clusters of glitter and found materials blur the line between ephemera and permanence. Beauty and decay. Intuition and cognition. Illusion and reality.


David Kim’s ink drawings depict daydreams, unbidden fantasies and dialogs between parts of a person’s personality they may attempt to conceal, and the potential for moral liability that often lurks beneath the surface.


Hazy Mae was given her first cookie jar as a gift with a sweet love letter inside. The gift inspired her to collect cookie jars and to begin a series of ceramics, paintings, drawings & short animated films based on her personal collection. Whimsical and arresting, a bit frightening and wonderfully in-your-face, the cookie jar is such an American icon--so many conflicting meanings and references, dangerous and comforting all at once.


Hirah Park’s work comes from personal questions and unresolved contemplations from her past and present. The works consist of paintings where specific memories are abstracted and collaged as a visual testimony, often already fabricated to a degree upon constant recall. Each painting is a screenshot of the current state of her internal world.  


Jacqueline Nikol makes allegorical paintings of androgynous figures painted in a traditional realistic method, with decorative elements, inspired by illuminated Western and Islamic manuscripts.


Kijong Do’s work reflects familiar figures in a mysterious spaces disjointed and unclear. He is interested in the moment that strange routines and real life simultaneously meet and exist.


Kimberly Kim's watercolor paintings present the idea of having an exclusive one-on-one relationship with an individual, by using the metaphor of twins. The paintings are based on the feeling that being in an exclusive relationship with another is like looking through a mirror. One sees oneself, yet there is always an endless gap between differing thoughts and personalities.


Michael Dispensa’s paintings are about the Anthropocene going haywire. Disjointed bodies and dynamos lose control in violent and comical man made spaces inspired by environmental anxiety. Much of the subject matter is his personal reaction to absurd political events and climate news.


Miga Gao is an artist/illustrator who depicts her great love for life through her work, and focuses on emotional expression, as well as recording events. She is inspired by provocative stories, artist books, nature and her dreams.


MJ Kim’s illustrations are visual stories where each object or image serves as personal symbol that is significant for her, such as the wreath or the knife. Her work is an illustrated narration of three different personal beliefs and ideas: Juggling is moment that she can never fully own despite experiencing it countless times, Eight of Swords is an arbitrary restriction or self-imprisonment, and Cannular is the delusion of hoaxes and conflicts that do not exist.

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